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Apparently the Dylan’s accident on the film’s set was due to the negligence of the production team of “The Scorch Trials“. The actor suffered injuries because of them mistake of the production staff and was dragged under a car on the sets. This led to several injuries on his body and face and the 24 year old actor’s casting in “Teen Wolf” became a matter of speculation.

The complete picture of what happened remains a mystery, but redacted documents from WorkSafeBC put the blame on the employer, Fox productions, for not rehearsing a stunt sequence properly. O’Brien was filming for the latest instalment of the dystopian sci-fi franchise on March 17 when the accident took place at the Cache Creek airport near Kamloops, B.C. He was apparently hit by a car and rushed to a hospital in Vancouver with serious injuries.

The complete picture of what happened remains a mystery, but redacted documents from WorkSafeBC put the blame on the employer, Fox productions, for not rehearsing a stunt sequence properly.


The Globe and Mail reported that the actor was not given full safety instructions before filming the scene for “The Death Cure“. The lack of safety measures and knowledge led to the actor being pulled up by the front car and being suspended above ground between the two. The report says that the scene was changed last minute and the actor could not be in sync with it. Dylan suffered such serious injuries that the shooting for the movie had to be put on stay till he could recover at least well enough to shoot.

It says O’Brien — identified as ‘the worker’ — was rigged to a moving vehicle while riding on the back of another moving vehicle ahead of it. But, WorkSafeBC says, this was not the planned and rehearsed action sequence.

“When the change was made to the sequence, there was no meeting held to review the changes with all involved,” the report said.

“The change to the action sequence increased the risk of injury.”

However, the movie’s production staff does not agree to the investigation report findings and believe that another investigation should be taken up again. The team said that the scene had been well rehearsed at least 5 times before and safety measures bulletins were handed out to everyone involved.

Fox disputes WorkSafeBC findings

However, in a Employer Incident Investigation Report filed with WorkSafeBC, Fox paints a different picture of what happened.

It says the trailing vehicle — which O’Brien was rigged to — slowed down prematurely, which caused it to separate from the leading vehicle he was actually riding on.

The employer report says the stunt sequence was “thoroughly rehearsed and successfully completed approximately five times prior to the accident.”

“The pre-viz and storyboards were thoroughly discussed shot-by-shot by relevant production personnel” … and “additionally a safety meeting was held with cast and crew prior to the sequence.”

WorkSafeBC has given the production company a June 15 deadline to file a report detailing ways in which it has improved safety procedures.

What will happen?

The production of the movie “Maze Runner 2: Death Cure” has been put on hold for an indefinite period and the release has been pushed to January 2018. The production wants to wait for Dylan O’Brien’s complete recovery.

This, however, is not the case with his another hit “Teen Wolf”-a supernatural TV series where he plays the role of Stiles Stilinsky. The producer of the show has decided not to wait for Dylan’s recovery and the shooting for the show is going on. The accident made the fans of Dylan speculate that they will have to watch “Teen Wolf” without their favorite star.

Whether and when Dylan will come back for “Teen Wolf” and “Death Cure” will be for all to see. Fans must be praying for his speedy recovery. (Source & Source)

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